Weekend update 2-14-16

Not much fun stuff this weekend. Work was accomplished in the machine shop by adding even more new led lights.

New lights were installed over the HAAS and Sharps machining centers.

DSC_8047sInstalled one over the cnc lathe.

DSC_8049scWent back and re-mudded the ceiling where we put the lights earlier.

DSC_8046csI spent time working on the dust collector system for the wood shop.

The dust collector building was built a while back. This weekend was the first opportunity I had to get it all set up.


DSC_8051csWhen I built the wood shop I put in a underground dust collector system. It has been a time coming to get it all hooked up, but now it works.

DSC_8052sMy crt tube for the wire edm came back I got it in stalled and all hooked up.

DSC_8027sI powered it up and tested it that it worked properly.


I really want to thank the guys at McWilliams,, for all there help and quick service. Great guys that really know customer service.

The only fun project that I started on was a new ammo/feed strip box for my Hotchkiss protatve light machinegun.

DSC_8053sI needed the wood shop to build what I wanted for the box. Unfortunately, by the time everything else was completed it was late and I was exhausted. My project for next weekend. I did manage to get a few more posts written and a couple of videos for posts, but more on that this week.

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