Webley Mk4 38/200

I have always enjoyed collecting and shooting the Webley 38 revolvers. Collecting them has been a challenge. Not because they are scarce but because information is actually hard to come by.

The Webley MkIVĀ  38caliber pistol development started in 1921. This was due to the War Office wanting a smaller and lighter weapon but still have the same as the .455 pistols. It is based upon the MkIII pistol service revolver plus a number of other improvements reducing its weight to 22.25 ounces. After additional trials testing a few more alterations were made. One being changing the grip style to the MkVI type.

Over 100,000 Mark IV were made between 1939 and 1945.

This is a standard model pistol.



DSC_0768sYou can see that war finish is stamped on the frame. Also the flying bullet logo is stamped on the barrel.



DSC_0767sThe marking on the top strap.


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