Update on the CNC Router

More work and re-design work has been done on the cnc router. The side panels were original design to be plastic with the three fans installed. Through all the design phases that we have gone through we found that plastic will not work as the proper material. Here is a picture with the plastic side panels on one side.

DSC_8904s DSC_8906s

A close up of the plastic panel with the fans on it.


On of the problems is the lack of room on the panel after the fans are install and then trying to install the connector panel.


The new design takes off the corner supports as we are going to an all aluminum panel and doing a different layout of the panel.

router table4You can see that we have placed all the fans horizontally with the plug in panel next to it. The only item missing from this model is the power input plug.

This is a view of the inside of the compartment showing the other side of the plug in strip.

router table3A couple of views of the assembly attached to the table.

router table2

router table1 A little more design work to be done and then it is one to putting it all together.


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  • John Ziegler

    Nice to see the posts again, enjoy seeing your projects evolve!

    Keep up the good work,

    Best regards,

    John Z.

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