The next step on the MP-44 trunion

Not that we have finished running the parts on the machining centers it is time to do the final fit up. Using the 1018 trunions that we made a hole was drilled in it to allow alignment with the button pressed into the receiver. Then the blocks were tested to see if the fit up was correct.

This is how the trunion looks away from the receiver.


DSC_8714sAs it sets into the receiver

DSC_8715csAn angle view at the rear of the trunion for proper fit up there.

DSC_8719sA look at the front

DSC_8717sAnother at a slight angle.

DSC_8718sSome de-buring still needs to take place and we still have a few cuts to do on the manual mill. If you are interested in any new MP-44 trunions please drop me a note and I will get the request to Pete.

2 comments to The next step on the MP-44 trunion

  • Pete F.

    Getting REAL close, HUH?

  • Walter Medsger

    I am interested in a new MP44 trunion. I have an MP44 Parts Set that I purchased years ago. I’ve gotten as far as some reverse engineered drawings of the trunion and other receiver parts, but haven’t machined anything yet. I am also interested in the sheet metal stamping of the other parts of the receiver.

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