The New Library part 3

So with the main library getting closer to completion phase 2 has started. The main library has had the outside walls coated as well as the roof.



All the sheet rock is up and painted. The concrete floor has been stripped and de-greased.  The last two steps require a 24 wait period between applications.


The final step is to acid etch the concrete in preparation to epoxy coating the floor.

So the second phase has started. The library will also encompass part of the lower deck under the guest house sun patio. It has been on the project list to redo the deck. The lumber has a great deal of water damage and needed to be replaced.


IMG_5013sAfter the marine grade plywood has been removed

IMG_5015sA close up of the damage area.


IMG_5018sA view from the underside.

IMG_5019sAll the 2×4’s removed

IMG_5022sAll the 2×8’s removed.



IMG_5030sNext weekend will be the start of re-installing the deck and floor.



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