The going’s on at gun lab, end of year report (late)

This is an end of year update for what has been happening at Gun Lab.

This last year has been a very busy one. The VG1-5 is moving along. We have programmed the Sharps machining center to make the hand guards, video coming soon. A new welding fixture has been made to straighten and weld up the Vg1-5 receiver, again another video is coming. A great deal of time and effort was spent on the fluting press and new fluting tool design as well as the procedure we use to actually do the fluting. There has been a video on that and it works perfectly.

The hot forging press has had its hydraulics hooked up and tested. There are a couple of dies in the design phase for the next major rifle project, solid models are complete.

The new storage room is complete and filled.

The library is being worked on.

My work load has been massive, but I have promised one of my loyal followers , one of 5 that I have, some kind of update.


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