Saving a log from the fire pit.

A while back I was a construction site where they were removing a number of trees. One of them in particular was a large and fairly straight Mesquite tree. The guys were going to cut it up for fire wood and that just kind of pushed the wrong buttons for me. After a little chatting with the superintend I convince him  to let me have it.

This is the log and a few of the limbs.



After some clean up this is what I was left with.


The scrap was turn into mulch.

IMG_8104sA quick trip to the saw mill left me with some beautiful slabs.




It is all back home.


and stored for an upcoming project.


It will be stored for a year to air dry out the sun and rain and then it will be kiln dried to the proper moisture content. I cut these slabs at 2 1/2 inches for stocks and to be able to re-saw for a few other projects.

A short video of the process.


4 comments to Saving a log from the fire pit.

  • Mac

    Mesquite should make a nice stock. All the mesquite we have here is only big enough to make drink coasters out of.

  • Turk

    I see where you’re going with that…..and I LIKE it…..(GRIN)

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Nice sawyerin’! Beautiful grain and looks dense…”Cave Creek Toothpick Factory” material? Save some for me ’cause my FrankenFAL needs new furniture!!!
    Shirley could use a new cabinet for the Red Cross display…
    What ATF Form is needed for attaching this to a Class II weapon (at least its made in the USA).

  • JB黒狐

    I am thinking VG 1-5 presentation model,oh the irony.

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