Repairing broken equipment after the shoot

The machine gun shoot went great. I had a great deal of fun and actually relaxed for the weekend. When I got back home and unloaded the vehicle I noticed that my wooden ammo box had been broken. So to go along with unloading, cleaning the guns and gear, putting everything away I also had to do a quick repair.

A crack occurred down the length of the top and well as a fracture on the lid.

The first step was to use wood glue in the crack and split. Then it was clamped together.


After the glue set all the clamps were taken off and it is as good as new, sort of.

DSC_8495sA little clean up and you will not be able to see the break.

DSC_8491sThe crack is still there. However it should not continue to get any worse.

DSC_8493sOn top of this my felt came in. It was time to cut the felt for the slots in the Hotchkiss feed strip box.


Sorry for the shortness of the post. I worked 131/2 hours and drove 450 miles today just ran out of steam.

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