Part Two of the Japax wire EDM

Today after making parts for the Ar-180B was completed I started back trying to get the Japax wire edm to work. When 9pm came about I finally stopped. A great deal was accomplished today. Starting with getting the upper head to move to being able to write, post and run a basic program. This post is the start up of the machine and how to move the table and the upper head of the machine.


I started this series because there is not much written or on video out there about operating the Japax wire EDM. These EDM’s are not the most modern of machines, but there are becoming available to small shops at a price that allows use to purchase them.

My goal with this series of video’s is to allow someone that happens to come across one of these machine be able to learn how to operate it.

I once again have to thank the guys over at McWillams sales and service ( for their help in getting my machine up and running.

In the next post we will write and down load a progrem and run it in dry run.

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