Part 2 of pressing the Gerat 05 receiver

With the first stamping completed on the Gerat 05 receiver it is now time to complete the second stamping. As you could see in the photos there were a couple of items that needed to be corrected.

IMG_1675scWith the second set of dies we press in the correct angle for the magazine housing, both in the front and back of the receiver.

IMG_1713swThe angle is not great but it make a very large difference to proper magazine placement.

IMG_1714swThis what it not looks like with the magazine installed.

IMG_1693cwYou can see in this picture that the magazine has proper contact through out the entire receiver.

The rest of the second stamping also bent the bottom of the receiver.

IMG_1716cwHere is a look at the second set of stamping dies.

IMG_1662cThis close up shows the new angle for the front of the dies.

IMG_1664swSo today I am back out finishing the second pressing for the second stamping op. More to come.

8 comments to Part 2 of pressing the Gerat 05 receiver

  • I hope folks who look at your photographs understand how much hard work and time went into those stampings. They are looking very good. Harry

    • Thanks Harry. And no people have no clue.
      One of my closest friends and my mentor, John, in weapons design and building always has this to say. “It is just stampings.” What he is saying is that people have no idea what it takes to make stampings. The hours of work and the number of bad pressings are enormous.

  • Pete F.

    I may have missed if it was stated earlier, but what material and thickness are you using for the receiver pressings? Pete in St. Louis

  • Robert

    Chuck, I’m loving the updates. Keep them coming. Very interesting project. I’m adventuresome in some of my building/designing projects but I wouldn’t tackle this in my little gun shop.

  • Sepp

    Fantastic project, very nice to see people producing things like that :)
    How much tons are required to press things like that ? What is the thickness of the metal plates ?

  • Kerwin Kerr

    Don’t worry about the size of your press. When I saw that Machine Gun Mike Brown was fabricating an UZI entire receiver on a 20 ton press I nearly crapped in my pants! As a GE tool and diemaker I wouldn’t have tried that feat with anything less then a 150 ton press!

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