Mounting a Browning 1919 on a Jeep

Rat Patrol!

This project isn’t strictly speaking about gun manufacture, but is related. I’ve had a semiauto Browning 1919 for a while now, and I finally got my 1946 Jeep up and running. Naturally, this means that I must come up with a way to mount the one on the other – my 10-year-old would curse me from the past if I didn’t. So without further ado:

For the detail oriented:
The Browning is an Israeli parts kit currently set up in 8×57 for cheap shooting. It has a Black Bear hand crank for that extra fun factor.

The Jeep is titled as a 46 CJ2A, but has a 3A body and a 185ci Studebaker Champion engine. It’s been converted to 12V electrics, dual fuel tanks, and 11″ drum brakes. The squeaking is from the hood hold-down latches, which will be replaced shortly.



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