More VG1-5 updates

With the completion of the mechanical portions of the cnc router it the computer portions have been being worked on. The router original used a Mach 3 operating system with an older style break out board. We upgraded the computer systems and well as the mechanical systems and have a real issue ever since. Wally, a friend of gun lab, has been working on the issue. He has made some head way, but for every step forward he hits another issue. So while he fights his way through this we are back making the hand guards the manual way.

Starting with the sized wooden blocks and a drawing.


It is put on the manual mill and machined.


The final out come is the holes machined for the washer and the internals machined.


IMG_4161sFrom here it will go to the machining center to do the final shaping.

3 comments to More VG1-5 updates

  • JB (the other one)

    What kind of mill did you use and what speed and feed work best with wood? I have thought about using my mill for wood but was worried about burning or chipping the wood badly.

    • Chuck

      For this first part we are using a bridgeport copy, my webb machine. The next phase will be with the Sharps machining center. Just remember to run the cutter as fast as possible.

  • JB (the other one)

    Sorry, should have clarified. What kind of ENDmill, 2,3 4 flute? Carbide? RPM and FPM.

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