Digital Photography or how I wasted a Saturday

I started out today to take a couple of pictures of a few weapons to post. However, I got a little anal and wanted to take a descent picture with out the help of photoshop. I started a digital photography class a while back but dropped it after the instructor spent 3 hours going through a book looking at pictures showing one that was with a 18-55 lens and one taken with  a telescopic lens.

So today I just have a few pieces taken at different F stops, ISO and speeds. I also changed the back ground a little to help if needed.

So first off this is my photo tent being used outside with normal lighting.


The first set was taken with these settings.

ISO 400
And this is how they turn out.

Way to dark  so I called a friend who does a lot of picture taking and his recommendation for changes to the camera.
second set
ISO 600
F 8
DSC_3982sSo after a little more chatting this is what we came up with for settings.
ISO 400
F 11
DSC_3994sAs you can see the pistol frame is looking much better but the rifle receiver is still to washed out.
Same settings but with a darker back ground.
DSC_4000sYou can see that the trigger guard is still to dark but the receiver is okay. So the setting were changed again and a light diffusion card was place in front of the receiver.
ISO 400
F 10
DSC_4003sYou can see the lever and trigger guard much clearer.
The next trip will be to buy back ground paper and try again. There is a lot to taking good pictures and I am a slow learner, but I still keep trying.

2 comments to Digital Photography or how I wasted a Saturday

  • Orin

    Hi Chuck,

    My photos are not near as good as yours but the combination of natural light and a green background works good for me. I went to the local fabric store and bought a piece of Loden green felt.

  • Calle

    Perhaps a quick google for “light tent” is in order? They’re quite simple to make, and should be perfect for photographing pistols etc. :)

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