VG1-5 update fire control group

On our last update we discussed the newly design disconnector,

With this new disconnector we have now hand fitted all the fire control groups. Once this task was completed we then took apart all the fire control groups to do the last heat treating.



Safety detents.

This now finishes the last of […]

Weekend update for 4th of July

Like all weekends I started out with a list that I could not possibly get done in the time frame allotted.

There were projects that I have been wanting to accomplish that are fun. Some of the things I needed to finish were under the direction of the commander in chief of the house. Some […]

Update on the VG1-5 project

We have been working on the fire control group and once again have made a few changes for more reliable operation and safety. We continue to have issues with the disconnector operating properly. There were issues with the hammer spring improperly contacting the disconnector. An additional problem came about with insufficient spring pressure to hold […]

Update on the VG1-5 lower receiver welding

The welding on the lower receiver is now complete. This is the video on that update.

Now for some pictures showing close ups of the work performed.

A side view of the lower receiver

A top view of the receiver

The rear stock supports is first spot welded in place. However, due to […]

Barrel cleaning.

I bought a large quantity of MG-13 and 15 barrels a while back. They were bought for the VG1-5, the 05, the 06 and any other 7.92×33 rifle project that I could think of. The first batch of 25 that I got when I cleaned them up were like new barrels. So like an idiot […]

VG1-5 update lapping the bolt holes.

We are making head way on the VG1-5. There are a lot of small steps that take a great deal of time to accomplish. In this case it is the two hole on the bolt that lock it into the upper receiver and hold the firing pin in place.

A quick video.

This how […]

Weekend update part 2

A number of other project were also worked on this last weekend.

The major one was the kitchen. All the tile for the counter top has been laid down. The next is the back splash.

We also finished welding in the cross bolts on the VG1-5 lower receivers and started Tig welding […]

VG1-5 update 1-23

This is a quick update on the progress of the VG1-5 project.

All the bolts back from heat treat

All the hammers back from heat treat

Magazine pressings for both the right and left sides of the magazine complete, next is to mill of the excess.

Weld up the fire control box

Spot welded the […]

VG1-5 update more hand fitting

With this post we are chatting about hand fitting the magazine to the VG1-5 housings. There is a wide tolerance variation between MP-44 magazines. The housing is then set for the largest width magazine this allows any magazine to work. The magazine catch is also checked and fitted to insure proper set up.



VG1-5 update welding in the rear barrel support

With the receiver tig welded together and the rear barrel supports completed it is now time to attach the two together. Using an alignment fixture we are able to proper align the rear barrel support with the body of the receiver and the running track of the upper receiver.

Here is a video of the […]