Book review of the new AK book

I just received the three volume set of books dealing with the AK weapons system. Here at Gun Lab we are no stranger to the AK series of rifles.




But there is so much information that is packed into the three volumes it will take some time to go over it.

Where have you seen information on the Ukraine bull pup rifle

IMG_0624sA complete section on all the variations of the Chinese weapons.

IMG_0619sThe Israeli 30 carbine rifle.

IMG_0618sSerbian weapons.

IMG_0617sThe SIG series of riles.


There is not a country that is missing.

If you are interested in this set of books then go here.

If you are into the AK series of weapons this is the set of books that you need to get. I think you will be very happy with them.

2 comments to Book review of the new AK book

  • Rick Saunders

    Well, taking your lead, today, I finally received my three volume set of The Kalishnikov Encyclopedia.
    Wow, I am impressed and overwhelmed. Especially recognizing the fact that it may take me a year to totally absorb this information.
    As an American, of course I have an AR-15 (although I really prefer my AR-180) and now want to build an AK, but this reference work provides too many options for me to choose, and I can’t afford them all!
    I don’t have a Webley either, though I almost bought one in 1984.

    Thank you for all you do and share with us.

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