Archive Photo’s 3-12

I shot these pictures while at Woolwick at the Rotunda. It was an absolutely great museum. It has since been closed down and replaced with a typical diorama walk through everything behind glass museum. In its day it was a place where you could study some small arms, but mostly artillery up close. I spent numerous vacations there.

This is a weapon design by an unknown Africaan during the Boer war to keep the heads of the British soldiers down while they escaped. It is a clock weapon. The feed device seems to be missing but what you would do with this weapons is to set it for how fast you wanted the weapon to fire. One round a minute or one round every 5 minutes or more.

clock pistol_Page_1c1sA side view showing the complete size of the weapon

clock pistol_Page_2c1sIn this picture you can see the cartridge being picked up to be fed into the barrel

clock pistol_Page_3c1sI am not sure this was ever used or just a prototype that was made and not completed. It is however an interesting design and concept.

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