AR-10 belt fed

Got tied up so just a quick basic post. On my last trip overseas I was able to snap a few shots of a belt fed AR-10 receiver so I thought I would share them with you.

This is a stock photo of the complete weapon.


This shows it open.


These are the photos that I took of the receiver area.

IMG_0125csJust a couple of close up photos



For more great information on early AR-10 rifles pick up a copy of the new book “The Armalite AR-10″ from Collector Grade Publications.


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  • Rick Saunders

    Only too cool! Thank you for all you share.
    Now to clean the drool off my keyboard before I head off to work.

  • 10x25mm

    What link did the belt fed AR-10 use?

    • Chuck

      In the book “The Armalite AR-10″ on page 149 it states that a non-disintegrating belt was used. However looking at the picture closely it appears that the belt is a disintegrating type of belt and looks a great deal like M-60 links.

  • Kerwin Kerr

    This very interesting. I noticed it had a quick change barrel, a must have on a belt fed gun. Did it still have the direct impingement gas system, I wonder. I remember correctly on M16 5.56mm belt fed conversion it was determined that the direct impingement gas system was too wimpy to reliably power the system and broke down under field conditions. That was why no one ever put them in production.

    • Chuck

      In the book”The Armalite AR-10″ on page 319 you can see a bolt with the cam cut for operating the belt feed mechanism. This shows a direct impingement gas system.

    • Hi Kerwin. The Army is working on a project for a durable barrel that would use new materials to tolerate heat more and shed heat faster. For 100 years a gun has needed a barrel change (or liquid cooling, or multiple barrels) to sustain fire but I see that ending soon.

      Actually liquid cooling died because it is less effective than air cooling, ceteris paribus.

  • Pete F.

    That AR10 book covers every aspect of the AR10, start to finish. An amazing amount of information there re the rifle as well as the men that made it happen.

  • I second (third, whatever, move for acclamation) the new AR-10 book. I just got it today but already went through it all and left a brief but highly positive review on Amazon. I expect to do a longer review at Weaponsman but I’m behind on blogging (after spending the day in the recliner with an AR-10 book. Imagine that).

    I have only seen one error, or oversight, in the book and it’s a trivial one — H&H made aluminum as well as steel lower receivers for semi AR-10s. They strike me as machined from billet but I haven’t given them a complete examination. They were usually number-matched to Porto kits.

    Interesting use of rollers on the AR-10 beltfed cams, apparently a Mel Johnson contribution.

  • HHollow

    Saw and held these belt feds 10 days ago. Hands too full to get my own pics.

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