3D Printer

After seeing what Orin, a friend of gun lab, was able to accomplish with his printer I decided to take the plunge and obtain one for myself. I had previously look at this same model of printer a couple of years ago, however at 2500.00 it was out of my price range. At a cost of 270.00 plus shipping it was now in my price range and cheaper then the build it yourself models. Is it perfect no, but it does make a nice product.

It came package in a big heavy duty cardboard box.


With lots of great packing inside.


And with more boxes inside to hold the misc items.


Yet will all this careful packing some of the plastic parts were broke.

DSC_9379csSaturday and part of Sunday morning was use to make new aluminum replacement parts. A quick drawing was made in solid works and it was out to the manual mill to make them.


Now this is a simple part to make , the base took a little more effort. It actually took longer then it was suppose to because I lost the first set I made. We spent a couple of hours this morning looking for them. So I now have spares when I find them.

The first action was to make a new base and install it.


In the process of doing that I managed to break another plastic part. It was not worth using any of the plastic components so everything was re-made into aluminum.


DSC_9385sI am now back on track to getting the printer to work.

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