3D printer completed test print

After the problems that I came across during my initial test print it was back to the drawing board to correct everything.

The first issue that needed correcting was the positioning of the nozzle over the wiper. The was corrected by going back to the documentation that Orin had sent me on the Cubex duo.

Course 3.4 labeled setting up the print tip wiping system gave a good run down on the corrections necessary. I did not have to do the complete progression of steps. All that was needed in my case was to go to the off sets menu.

DSC_9783sThen put in new off sets that would move the nozzle back far enough.

DSC_9784sThis alone corrected the nozzle smearing problem.

The second problem that I faced was the material not sticking to the table. To solve this issue I dropped the glue and put blue painters tape down instead. This actually worked and allowed easy removal of the printed part.

DSC_9785sHere is a video of the printing of the test block.

This is what the final part looked like.

DSC_9657cwsA close up of it.

DSC_9664csI have a list of projects for the 3D printer. Some of the solid models are completed and will be printer in the next few weeks, like the AR-16 pistol grip, and some are in the modelling phase and will be printed upon completion of the models, like your project John P.



3 comments to 3D printer completed test print

  • John Ryan

    Did someone say AR-16? Thats one to watch.

    • Chuck

      That is correct. All the solid models have been completed and are at a third party engineer for review. The pistol grip is back and I will be printing it out this coming 4 of July weekend. I just finished a print for my band saw that I will be posting.

  • Pete

    Wow Chuck, pretty soon you’ll be printing those much feared AR15 receivers.
    Oh, the horror!

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