3 day weekend fun time.

It is Saturday night of a three day weekend and already the fun has started.

I have not chatted about the kitchen for awhile but today I finished a major project that I have been putting off. I finished piping the gas to the new stove top. This should make Axel happy.

IMG_3688sEat your heart out Mac and Susan.

I replace all the gfi plugs in the bathrooms. Then went back out to the fab shop and put the last isolation valve in the water system. The water system is energized through out the entire fab shop. I will start of the evap cooler stands in the near future.



The work was started on the new anvil stand. Using the 4.5×4.5 pallet pieces that I have been saving and my wife started making into bench seats.


IMG_3687sI started cutting them to length and will continue tomorrow with this project.


IMG_3691sSaturday is over just waiting for more fun on Sunday.

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