Working on the VG1-5 bolt

The last post on the bolt was when we completed the lathe work on it. This left us with a turned bolt with the firing pin hole drilled and bored.




A fixture was designed to allow us to machine the bolt at the different angles and still keep everything aligned as it should be.

20151105_140130sIt is placed in the vise against a stop and the hole for the base of the cartridge is machined as is the spring for the extractor.

20151105_140819sAnother view of the same operation.

20151105_140824sNext an angle adapter is installed in the vise to allow the bolt fixture to set against it. This allow us to machine the opening for the extractor.


20151105_140919sWith this photo you can see the angle of the machined opening.


Close up as it sets in the machineDSC_7105sCompleted bolts for this operation.

DSC_7099sThe last few to be completed today.



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