Working on the cnc router.

It has been a while since I have done any work on the cnc router. Now with the wood shop termite issue coming to an end I have started back at it. When we last left off with it I had just found that the router that came with it had a bent spindle and need to be replaces. It has been with a vfd 1.5kw water cooled spindle.

As it came from the factory.


with the accessories.

IMG_4937sThe only problem is the manual.

IMG_4939sOr lack of it. The manual they sent was for a 220vac unit and what I bought and received is a 110vac unit. The wiring diagram does not match in any way shape or form. Neither do the set up instructions. The cnc router has been rewired and water and air added to support this unit that I have yet to figure out how to wire up.  I have contacted the seller and the support groups but with no luck. It seems a number of people have the same issue.

I am working on it and will post this weekend on my findings.

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