Working on the CNC router

A large part of this weekend was spent working on the cnc router. I finished the connectors and hooked them up at the connector board that I made.

DSC_4330sThe motor control circuits were then wired up.

DSC_4329sThe wiring from the out side of the connector box were hooked up.

DSC_4335sAll new wiring and air was then run through the flexible wire the Y and Z motors and limit switches.


DSC_4332sThe previous owner just glued and tie wrapped the aluminum covers.


I will have to make brackets to correctly hold everything in place.

The air system has been installed, however I am going to have to change where it sets.

DSC_4337sBy the end of Sunday the X axis was moving under its own power.

DSC_4327sA big thank you to Wally, a friend of gun lab, for all his held and expertise in getting the cnc router up and running.

So this is the final status for this weekend. All the motors are now hooked up and powered up. I have started wiring up the limit switches and will have that completed by next weekend. The new air solenoids are here and a new backing plate needs to be made. We are getting closer to getting this machine back up on line and working.







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