Wire EDM update

Last weekend and this weekend I spent a little time on the wire EDM that I picked up at auction. The last report I published we had changed out the bad switches on the control panel and had got the wire to feed through the machine. When I tried to start the water flow through the machineĀ  the pumps would run but the upper and lower flush pumps would not pump. So this Saturday with the help of a couple of friends the three of us re-worked the two pumps that were giving me problems.


This is what the pump housing area looked like after the removal of the pumps and piping.

DSC_7887sThe major problem with the lower flush pump was a bad check valve.

DSC_7896sThe strainer had no wire basked in it so I made on from the available mesh that I had on hand.

DSC_7897sWith no strainer basket installed this is what was found in the inlet of the pump.

DSC_7898sThis effectively stopped the flow of water to the inlet of the pump.


Both pumps were taken apart and thoroughly cleaned. Then they were reinstalled and the piping hooked back up. A quick test and we had flow.

DSC_7891sYou can see the video of the pumps operating, both the upper and lower flush pumps working.

However more problems have occurred. We have now lost the CRT, TV tube. It was working up until last weekend when it just stopped.

This is the current condition we are in with the wire edm. Joe and Alan, friends of Gun Lab, helped with testing and re-working the pumps. An interesting question was brought up during all this work and that what was the cost so far concerning the Japax wire edm and is it worth it. So to date I spent 1400.00 buying it at auction and 100.00 buying new switches. I have bought resin and filters as well, but that would be the case with a new machine. Currently I would say yes it is worth the money I have spent to date. I am hoping that there is not much wrong or that the cost of repairing the tube will not be that great. We shall see.

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