Where does the time go.

Honestly I set down for a moment and I realize that weeks have pasted. There has been a ton of stuff accomplished at Gun Lab that I have not had the time to actually write about. Work in my actual job has been so busy that I have been turning away as much work as I do. I am back to working from 5:30am to 9 pm every day. By the time the weekend come around exhaustion has set in and I am still in the shops for 18 to 20 hours.

I have been trying to get some videos edited to post, hope to finish them this weekend, we will see. I built a new grinder bench in the fab shop and have been working on forging dies for the hot forging hydraulic press. The welding hold down table is complete and I have been making clamps for it.

I managed to burn up the motor and controller for the CNC router, back to the drawing board on that project.

A number of new fluting tools have been made and are due to be tested shortly  for the VG1-5.

Still working on the wood shop and deck for the guest house.

This is it for my 5 minutes of free time as I need to get back to the shop and get back on the project list.

8 comments to Where does the time go.

  • Mac

    Sounds like we both need a vacation!

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Good to hear that most of your spare time is working on FN FAL Heavy Barrel Frankenguns!

    Am acquiring a new SOT Class II Type 07 license now (sole proprietor). Any current recommendations?

    Still have an SBR transfer awaiting approval…will be two (2) years in March now. How’s your turnaround?

    Your pals tryin’ to keep you away from doing important stuff,

    Rhett & Cathy

    We’re putting in for a Humanitarian Medal for Shirley. We think she deserves sainthood for supporting Gunlab!!!

    • Chuck

      Got the franker gun working. Trying to get the transfer through so I can deal with two birds at the same time.

    • Chuck

      Over a year on our transfer. However I think that has a lot to do with the seller. Currently and as always all I do is work. The VG1-5 project is waiting on the new fluting tools coming back from heat treat. I can not find any of the earlier videos that we took when texting your FAL. I really wanted a before and after.

  • Robert

    Having a few growing shops myself I can relate to this! Drive on! We support you and enjoy your posts!

  • Carl

    Hang tough shipmate!

  • John Petrie


    Could I please have Chris’s phone number; the number that I have no longer works. I need to decipher the work he put on the memory stick for the 34/41. My phone number is 317-292-1171. I want to make a plastic copy so that I can see where this project stands. In the interim I have purchased a parts MG34/41 tripod. I must strip it and reassemble it.

    We got lost trying to find the MG shoot in 2017. Really wanted to attend that. I have a friend who lives on the northwest side of the Phoenix metro area. He has a running kettenkrad in his garage. He was the one who drove me out to your place. Thank you.

    John Petrie

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