Weekend update part 2 3-1-15

With the weather being bad all weekend it takes all the fun out of working outside. It was also impossible to bring in material of the project in the wood shop. To wet to go shooting. So what to do, that is the question. I continued working on improving my digital photography. I also went through my older pictures and scanned them to the computer, well about 1/2 of them. But that gets old quick so I needed something to make me feel like I did something productive this weekend. I decided to build a photo back drop in the pantry. I had enough material in the wood shop for it and I have been wanting one for awhile. The next task will be to build a mufti-function holding contraption. I got the idea from Reed Knight’s photographer.

This is the back drop that I finished to day.

Front sideDSC_4492scBack sideDSC_4494csIt is design so that I can put sides on it if the item to be photographed is larger.

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