Weekend update for 5-18-15

Well it started raining on Friday and continue through Saturday morning. With everything being so muddy it was time for another game plan. I spent the first few hours doing solid works and taking pictures. Then it was out to the wood shop and spend some time with the cnc router. It was noon before we got the problems sorted out with the router, a post for tomorrow. By this time it had started to dry out and out I went for some fun in the fab shop. By the end of the day the cherry picker was back up and running.


Then both Star pistols had new firing pins and had been test fired and the third star was found to use a different size firing pin. Started working on getting the Model 1930 pistols back together, but did not finish that project, I will complete it next weekend. Sunday it was time to have fun pouring more concrete and the slab for the A/C unit was completed. But first the pad had to be prepped and the rest of the rebar set.

DSC_5347sThen 9 80# bags later this was the finished result.

DSC_5374sWent to the fab shop next. I needed to set up a place for my metal casting furnaces.


So more footers were dug.

DSC_5369sEnough fun and I am done for the day.


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