Weekend update and the fun of machining

Nothing really exciting to report. I spent the weekend machining large pieces of metal into smaller pieces. We have shipped the test MP-44 trunnions to Pete and while we are waiting for his report back we are filling our time working on making stamping dies. In this case all the pieces are sized and we have started machining the the individual pieces for the AR-180 upper receiver stamping dies. A quick look at the solid model of the stamping diesAR180 Complete Die3

AR180 Complete Die2

AR180 Complete Die1

This is what it looks like in the making phase. Here are a few pictures of the top and bottom plates being sized up on the Allan Bradley cnc mill. A great deal of the die steel is not heat treated and just basic run of the mill scrap steel. These sections came from torch cut trash steel from different job sites. You can see the type of edge it has and need to be cleaned up and sized.

DSC_6223sA close up of the edge. This will take a great deal of work to clean up and make useable.

DSC_6224sSo Saturday and Sunday I got to do this. A basic program was written to reduce and clean up the edges 0.030″ at a time until they were clean up.

DSC_6227sThe two bigger pieces were machined. The top and other edges will be cleaned up on the HAAS machining center.

DSC_6226sAll three of the pieces ready to continue on to the next phase.

DSC_6228sThe actual heat treated press areas are also machined to size and we have started on the forming portion of the dies.


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