Weekend update 2-8-16 part 1

A great deal was accomplished this weekend. First is a couple of pictures that Mac,a friend of gun lab, sent me about some new lighting he put into his little shop. The before and after shots.


IMG_0700The increase in available lighting was amazing. Then he told me the price of the lighting fixtures, $36.00 I could not pass it up.


My machine shop has a few dark spots in it and I am always changing out ballasts and bulbs in the lights.

There are a number of lights that need to be changed out.


DSC_7998sYou can see the dark spot over the surface grinder and bead blaster.

DSC_7999sThe first light changed out over the milling machine

DSC_8000sAdded one the surface grinder area.

DSC_8001sRemoved all the old lights.

DSC_8002sNew sheet rock and first coat of mud. Could not connect the plug in as the mud was still wet.

DSC_8003sThe new light over the manual lathe

DSC_8009sWith a life span of 50,000 hours I should not have to worry about new lights for 25 years. As the older ones go out I will be changing them to the new lights as well.




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