Weekend Update 12-29

Well this was a moving Saturday. I needed space in the fab shop and after looking at the deep hole drilling project for the last 10 years I figured it was time to move on. So with that being said it was time to move the big old lathe to the scrap yard. The first challenge was moving it across the fab shop. That was accomplished a couple of weekends ago and now it sat in the major opening and blocking everything.

DSC_3065sNext on the list of fun projects I needed to get up and onto the trailer. This was an all day Friday project. Normally my friend MacGuyver would be able to accomplish this taskĀ  in no time flat. However I am not him and it was a real chore for me. The back hoe was not able to pick up the lathe as a single lift. I tried and the upper hydraulic seal did not like it at all. Now I have to remove the cylinder and get it repaired. I took no pictures of the moving endeavor as truly it was just a little scary. However with a great deal of effort two old guys did get it up and on the trailer.



DSC_3294sI did have to remove the cross slide prior to moving the lathe. As there was no one to help I did that myself. Not one of my smartest ideas as i suffered all day Saturday because of it. Still worked but just in pain.

DSC_3296sSaturday was honey do and wood shop day. We finished the making the table top for the back of the table saw. But first before I could go out and play I had to rebuild the toilet and change the angle stop. The fun never really stops around here. The table top for the table saw has been completed and is now useable.

DSC_3308csThe next part was to make the legs for the top. To do this I used my Christmas present, A Kreg drilling fixture. What a great little tool.

DSC_3312sThis allowed me to build the legs with little problem.

DSC_3310csThis is how they will look when installed.

DSC_3311csNext weekend I will remove the clamps, attach the legs and finish the cabinet that goes under the top.



1 comment to Weekend Update 12-29

  • Alphawolf45

    It is hard to get rid of stuff and you wont need it till it is gone. Lathe would certainly have made a nice deep hole drilling/reaming machine.

    I am admiring the cactus in the background. I have cactus in pots that I set out in the spring and then back into my shop before first frost.

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