Weekend Update 12-22

Last week was a really long week, most days leaving the house between 5:30 and 6:30am and not getting home until between 7 to 9 pm at night. Just shot. Saturday I went back to a guys shop that was selling some equipment off. I spent 3 hours or so there looking through boxes that he packed away 10 years ago. It was a bunch of wood working equipment that he wanted to get rid of. So like any crazy person I bought way to much of it.

DSC_3176sThe shaper and the spindle sander both worked and just need a good cleaning.


DSC_3195sThe clamps were a great find. The cost was less then 7.00 a set.


DSC_3184cAnd the little fly press was just to cute to pass by.

DSC_3186csGot home and then went to look at a cnc router for the shop.

DSC_3158sI started Sunday working on a clamp rack to hole the now newly acquired clamps.

DSC_3206sThen to round out the day a friend stopped by from Germany. We spent the day chatting about guns and I started cleaning them as we chatted. Good weekend but not enough done, just to tired.

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