Weekend Update 11-24

Well as usual it has been a busy weekend around Gun Lab. More parts have been made for the VG1-5, coming soon in a post. The big project was the water system. The pressure pump took a crap. It just turn the pump room into a swamp and need to be fixed in a bad way.


DSC_2854sWhat a mess. This is how it looked after 5 hours of working on it. Of course the dimensions changed on the pump so everything had to be re-plumbed. This time with unions.

DSC_2859scThe next projected finished was to finish enclosing the dust collector addition. It is now water tight and all I need to do is the electrical hook ups for the air compressor and dust collector.


The dust collector is now in the room.DSC_2732sThe exciting news is where we are at with the fluting machine. Stile a few components to make but we are getting there.

This is the start of bolting it together.


A little farther along.

DSC_2870sFinally attached to the side of the forging press.

DSC_2872s DSC_2874s


DSC_2874sIt is getting there.

The final project completed was my new gun rack. It is now up and loaded in the reference library.


DSC_2863sOne busy weekend.



4 comments to Weekend Update 11-24

  • Martin

    I’m wondering about the rifle on the bottom left n the 2nd to last photo. Is that a Gerot 5?

    By the way, I like your collection. It appears to be of various designs and the ways designers/engineers solved problems.

    • Chuck

      It is a Gerot 05 followed by the 06 and STG 45. The reference collection is not based upon a single design even though there may be a number of copies of a single design. I prefer to gather a variety of different engineering designs. One day we will talk a walk through the collection and chat about the different designs and concepts.

  • Keith

    Just found your site…. I want to be you when I grow up…(I’m 49)! With all of your sheet metal stamping ever thought of using cast dies for the short runs? Like this stuff Kirksite! I first saw it used in aero parts stamping!
    Great work!!!

  • Billson

    You have a great collection, any chance of a photo of every single one? You seem to have some super unique stuff!

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