Weekend update 11-10

It was a productive weekend as weekends go. The holes were drill into the side or the forging press I-beam to support the fluting machine. Here are a few pictures and a quick video of the process.

Moving the back plate over was no big deal, once in the fab shop it was loaded on the die cart with an extra steel plate to allow us to move it closer to the press.


DSC_2703sThe backing plate was clamped and then marked.

DSC_2705sA bushing was made to allow for proper alignment.



DSC_2708sThen the best money spent on this part of the project.

DSC_2713sA magnetic drill was rented. It made the job so much easier. I really want one of these.

A quick video of the process


We went through the wood shop to get it back in order to allow me to finish the stocks for the VG1-5 rifle project. I have to tell you this took some doing. It has been the junk holding room for a while. This is how it looked last night. I finished the electrical Sunday morning.

DSC_2725sOne problem was found though. Termites.

DSC_0106sOne more thing to fix.

I moved the big dust collector outside and started a new room for it and the air compressor. This is the dust collector.

DSC_2732sAnd the new room.


DSC_2729sIt is not large, but it will hold the equipment just fine. I also started on the table saw back bench.


The fab shop ceiling was completed.

DSC_2728sAnd caulked



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