Weekend Update 1-25-15

It is 6 P.M. on Sunday and I am done. Most of this weekend has been spent on the VG1-5 project. I finished all the small screws ,200, with the final op. Next will be Parkerizing.

DSC_3635sThe medium and larger screws are over 1/2 way completed.


All the fire control stamping ,110 of them, have gone through first op.

DSC_3642sI pressed all the stock supports, right and left. 110 of each.

DSC_3639sI did a little work around the wood shop. The first thing was to complete the electric to the dust collector. I also finished the conduit and buried it on the back side of the shop.


I ordered some clamp racks and when they got here they would not work as the slot was to small. So, I machined a larger slot in them.


DSC_3649sMy wife finished the ammunition separation and now has everything put away.

That is it for the weekend. Tomorrow is a new and exciting week.


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