Weekend update 1-19-15

Well it was another fun weekend around Gun Lab. This was the list I worked out during the week to be completed this weekend.

page onecs

page 2cs

The 4″ conduit was run around the wood shop as well as the rest of the 2″ and 1″ and we buried it in preparation for the next phase.



And covered.DSC_3601s

Sand pile is reduced a little.

DSC_3599sThen some maintenance issues were address in the shop. The first was an air leak due to a valve failure.

DSC_3549sIt was removed and capped, I will paint it next weekend.

DSC_3558sI needed to move some equipment around to have better flow and a little more room. The first thing was my son’s tool box. It was relocated to the cnc room.

DSC_3554sTo do this the 1″ belt sander was moved to the fab shop as was it’s parts table. Next the die room was re-organized. This is the way it use to look.

DSC_3570sThis is how it looks now. The spot welder was moved in and set up to do all the welding on the VG1-5.

DSC_3577sThen the Webb, Allan- Bradley, and the Wells-Index machines were set up to run parts, as well as the Haas machining center.The Webb was set up to drill out the cocking handle for the first op.

DSC_3612sThe set up was just a basic vise with thin parallels and a spring separating them with a vise stop to  for proper positioning.

DSC_3542sAll the handles were then completed and de-bured on the drill press.

DSC_3604sThe Well-Index was set up to re-tap the cross pins deeper.

DSC_3550sWe used a 5-C collet closer and a tap-a-matic to finish this job.


They are all completed now.


The Allen -Bradley was set up to ream the buffer pin holes slightly larger to prevent binding.

DSC_3547sWe made a special fixture for this.

DSC_3548sThey too are also now completed.

DSC_3559sThe Haas was set up to complete the screw slots on all the stock and hand guard screws. Unfortunately, I broke the last small end mill before we could complete the project. More have been ordered but have not arrived.

DSC_3567sA lot of screws to do.


DSC_3569sFrom here I went to the fly press. A siding needed to be put on it to prevent the chips from flying on the shelves and it need to be re-leveled and have the adjustable levelers re-moved. This is what it use to look like.

DSC_3544sAfter leveling.

DSC_3571sAnd then with the new siding.

DSC_3580sOnce these tasks were finished I started the first stamping op for the fire control housing.


DSC_3546sHowever, I just ran out of steam and did not finish all of them.

DSC_3602sI did manage to move all the exercising out and over to a friends house that wanted it. This also was way to much fun.


Thanks that I had heavy equipment skates and jacks.

DSC_3574sEven with that equipment it still a lot of work. This is the first load.

DSC_3575sThe second load was just a single piece of equipment.

sIt now cleared out an area to allow me to expand the wood shop.

DSC_3600sWhile this was going on Axel was back and smarter this time so he took over as Arbeitsschuts or better known here as OSHA. He deemed that the stairs to the guest house needed non slip covers.


DSC_3607sA better view.

DSC_3608sI think it is color codded as per some German guide line.

The upper stairs.

DSC_3609sHe and my wife worked on the last of the ammo re-organizing as well. This was the start.

DSC_3541sAnd the finish.

DSC_3610sIn and among all this fun I had a friend bring over his Beretta Model 38A to have me fix it and I did, sorry forgot the pictures. And another friend brought over a 22 rifle that would not cycle. Axel fixed this. Cute little semi-auto.

DSC_3583csA close up of it.


I did get a little time in the wood shop. I started on the backing for the radial arm saw.

DSC_3598sSo all in all not a bad weekend.


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