Video Friday 9-19

I have not finished the editing of the Japanese 99 magazine stamping die video. So today I am going to post a video of the illegal gun making in the Philippines. This video really reminds me of the first weapon that I made 40 years ago. No machine tools to speak of and no quality control. Just keep filing until it fit and operated. I will have the edited video this weekend.

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  • JB

    Every time I see videos like this, I grin with joy knowing that the best form of gun making is alive, the unregulated kind that is.

    The narration, it goes something like this the evil bad men are making evil bad things that hinder the good men from doing good things to the bad men that are doing bad things like making bad things.

    By the way its a Japanese report, by in large the nips believe only the government should have guns id est the good guys, the nips crack me up.

  • juver

    could you tell us a bit more about the first weapon you made ?

  • Storm

    Lot of people there are living out of this, more craft than the industry.
    They certainly have hard time working it all by hands, and are probably paid a few bucks at the end of the week.

    It seems these philipines designs are more manual work oriented and cruder (no milling machine so chain drilling is used on pistol receiver for example, like shown in the video) when compared to Darra Adam Khel ones, where they actually have heavier machinery, lathes and milling machines in the back.
    But most often you see tourist pics from there of final precise fitting and assembling the almost finished gun parts, so it leads to false layman conclusions that guns there are made only with “hacksaw and files”.

    It is illegal, but in Colombia also lot of peasant,poor people would be hungry if they do not have an option of growing cocaine, or in Afghanistan opium poppy.

    But from what I’ve heard, some of the phillipine gunmakers are joining guilds and legalising their work.

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