VG1-5 update welding in the rear barrel support

With the receiver tig welded together and the rear barrel supports completed it is now time to attach the two together. Using an alignment fixture we are able to proper align the rear barrel support with the body of the receiver and the running track of the upper receiver.

Here is a video of the process of welding the rear barrel support to the lower receiver.

Here are a couple of views of the assembly and it is placed in the receiver to be welded.


DSC_7241sA couple of views of the fixture.


DSC_7540csAnd a few close ups.


DSC_7537csIt not about just designing the weapon and all of its individual parts but you also have to write the programs to make the parts and design and make the machining and welding fixtures to get it to go together correctly every time.

5 comments to VG1-5 update welding in the rear barrel support

  • Kerwin Kerr

    You have done real well on this VG1-5 Project! I was wondering if you could do an engineering change after you’ve finished it and change the magazine well to take an M16 STANAG magazine instead of the German MP44 mag. An alternate design which took an AK47 mag would not be a bad plan either.

  • Storm

    Do you have the video or pics of the rear barrel support machining operations?

  • Pete F.

    I’ve posted on other sites before commenting on the suggestion of alternate calibers for clones of original iconic German weapons. I really do not get it.
    We are talking about guns costing $4000 plus and guys want them basterdized to use cheaper mags and ammo?? I would not even WANT one if not in the original caliber! Maybe it’s just me.
    Plus, the guns would have to be much re engineered for the longer calibers. Not going to happen except for something that SORT OF looks like an original. Yuk!

  • Storm

    This gun can be adjusted for serial production to 7.62 caliber and AK mags and cheaper price (10 times lower), which would alter its looks (so you would not have ww2 look), but again it would have its market of people wanting to buy it out of curiosity.

    The only problem with the concept would be in the durability of the gun, since the whole design probably (an logical assumption) can not stand the abuse in the range similar to normal AK and similar guns, so you could get in problem with dudes shooting easily available 7.62 ammo and after number thousands of shots making claims to the factory of something breaking and/or gun not functioning properly.

    This reproduction is using original caliber and of course due to the scarcity of it, people buying it for 4k bucks clearly will not shoot it every week like crazy.

    This is of course only logical theory, since I do not know that anybody made the torture testing of VG 1-5 and knows how many thousand rounds gun can safely fire, it may be surprising that maybe the original gun is more capable and quality made and designed then we think.

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