VG1-5 slings

We are coming to a close on this project. The end is near and it is time to do some of the final touches prior to shipping out. This is not to say everything is done, far from it. All the parts are made, the fire control group works, most of the small bugs are worked out. The test gun has been sent for the first series of tests and write up. This is the next item on the list of things to do. The sling. The original one were what ever the Germans had. They were run through a ring on the front attachment and nailed to the butt stock. These are pictures of the three different types of materials and colors that I have access to.

Number 1:

DSC_4648csNumber 2


Number 3DSC_4652cs

All three together.DSC_4654cs

I am letting all of you decide. Which material¬† and color. I could also use an idea on how to attach the sling to the butt stock. I don’t feel that nailing is a real good solution but I want it as close to the original as possible.

Thanks for your help.

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  • Ken

    I like #1 the best and don’t like the nail idea either but it may be better than most – or all – alternatives.

  • Jeff

    Well the best sling option would be to find the Post War German Gas Mask Canister Slings made in the 1950’s and 1960’s Roland had a bunch at one time ( At The Front ) or may know where to get some.. or Greg at Allegheny ?? I guess I’m leaning towards number 2 of the three posted..

    As for a bracket it should be inset into the wood held into the stock with a screw and have a slot in it to run the sling through.. Here is a Picture I found online:


  • Jeff

    I guess I can’t post Picture Links… Sorry Guys.. Do a Google Image search for German VG 1-5 and look for Serial Number ( Th 3891 ) thats kinda what I’m talking about.

    On a side note since your really going the extra mile to make this as close as possible… What about a ( Fake ) safety lever on the left side of the receiver ?? Looks like stamped steel pressed and folded.


  • Bill

    Number 3 is probably closet to the one I saw on a original VG 1-5. But it isn’t the same either. The one I saw was very thin, close weave and dark gray. Kind of like the color of German Luftwaffe or East German web gear.

  • JB

    The (Th 3891) sling color and weave looks more like number 2.

  • The mad Russian

    I lean toward the first one, however I am sure they used whatever webbing was available. So anything in a wartime style webbing would work. Nailing will last just about as long as the life of the poor sob who had to go up against one of my relatives. So a screw system or a slot would make more sense.

  • Loess

    Install a threaded insert in the stock, and use a screw to attach the sling?

    It lets the sling be serviced /replaced /removed, without damaging the stock, and gets you 80% of the original appearance.

  • Storm

    2. looks best for me (feels strongest).

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