VG1-5 magazine release button.

In this post we are going to show you how the magazine release button is made. We start with a laser cut washer.

DSC_2748csOkay over 100 laser cut washers.

DSC_3394sThen run them through the pressing tool that forms them to the shape we need.


DSC_2597sAfter this step they look like this.

DSC_3395sOne hundred later and this is what it looks like.

DSC_3397sHere is a video of the process.


Once they are formed then they are riveted to the threaded button. This is the picture of the button.

DSC_2745scA pile of buttons.

DSC_3400sA quick look at the riveting tool.DSC_2595ssWhat the rivetedĀ  part looks like.

DSC_2601sAfter this they go to welding and then to finishing.



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