Updating the Vulcan V18

I just received an e-mail from a friend in southern Arizona concerning the Vulcan V18. You have seen my write up in a past post and Ian’s post on the Vulcan V18 so you know what we this of this piece of cr@p. Really it is truly junk. Well the good news is that it is saveable. Rick at has managed to save it. Of course he had to go through the entire gun and fix it. In addition he changed out the lower receiver and added a new stock, but he made it work. That’s more then can be said about Vulcan arms. You really need to see his write up here:

I like his fix so much that I am going to do the same thing with mine. Just think finally a V18 that works. Read his write up. It’s very good.

This is the original version.


DSC_3514csand a close up of it.




and this is his over haul of the rifle.


V18-10sThis looks like a fun and reliable rifle. Check out his post. It is worth your time

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