Update on work around Gun Lab.

Not everything is fun and games around here. There is always maintenance to accomplish as well building projects not related to guns to perform. This Sunday was one of those days. My boss, wife, deemed that the doors needed painting as well as the door frames. So all the doors except the big steel doors at the shot were painted. That is a total of 14 doors and frames that were painted ( house, guest house,shops and metal storage room) as well a new insulation cover built and painted for the walk in cooler I built.



In addition a friend dropped of his wacker  to compact the soil for the addition at the fab shop. At my age I am just to old to play with this stuff, but I did it any way. The good news is that task is complete the bad news is that I feel it, big time.


IMG_2323_sHowever with the compacting completed finished I am ready for the next task.

IMG_2336_sIt was also time to clean up the fab shop. It has gotten a little out of order and impossible to work in.



IMG_2331_sSo a major clean up was in order. My better half and I finished it late Sunday. What a job.IMG_2339_sNext I finished installing the lights I had on hand and wired them up and installed light bulbs.

IMG_2338_sThe excitement was that hootie showed back up and stayed around for a few glamor shots.


IMG_2334_sHe is great for dealing with the mouse problem. That’s all for this Sunday and I am already back at work on gun stuff.

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