Update on the VG1-5, upper receiver

We have been working on the VG1-5 at a steady pace to try and finish this project. This last week has been spent on the upper receiver. The lathe work has been completed on the upper and now we have started on the operations that have to take place in the machining center. This video shows the actual machining that we did a master cam simulation on earlier.


This first picture is of the set up we used to machine the upper receiverDSC_6625sThe stop to position the part correctly and the rear clamping device.

DSC_6626sThe front clamping device

DSC_6627sThis next set of pictures is of the final op’s completed on the receiver.

The cut out for the guide block. It still needs to be de-bured.

DSC_6793sThe large hole for riveting the front sight on.

DSC_6795sThe small hole for the front sight

DSC_6796sThe completed machining op on the upper.

DSC_6798scWorking our way through the upper receivers.


All the machining on the upper receivers will be completed this week. Moving ahead.

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