Update on the MP-44 trunions op6

It has been a while for a MP-44 trunion update. The next couple of posts will get us back up to date with the trunion project.

The new op 5 was to cut a slot and rough magazine opening to allow coolant flow and chip removal and still allow us to high speed machine.

Well it did not work as well as we had hoped. The chip load was so great as it was not removed as fast as it needed to be so we still had problems with the end mill chipping. So back to the drawing board. The answer was to put the trunion on the manual mill and drill the hole much larger but still under size.

DSC_8273csWith the trunion on the lower left we did just that. What a difference that made. So now with all the trunions drilled with a larger hole we were back on track.


1We were able to then finish machine the inside hole to meet specs. with a great finish as well.






7A close up of the finish of the inside bore.





The new process worked great. No chattering or broken end mills.

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