Tokarev 22 trainer

I kind of have a thing for Tokarev pistols.  I do have a variety of them and I also think they are one of the interesting hand guns to come out of WW 2. They combined the design of John M. Browning with the manufacturing techniques they had available. I am not going into the history of the TT 33 Tokarev, it has already been written about on the internet . I just found on my trip through the mid-west this last year a new version that I have never seen before. The 22 trainer. Here are a set of pictures that I took of one of the pistols that I looked at. It seems that everyone out there has one because I saw a number of them.


DSC_1420csA close up of the inset cartridge.



DSC_1419csSorry about this picture. I tried to get a close up of the slide bolt face to show the firing pin location.

DSC_1421csThis is how it came with the 7 sub-caliber devices.

DSC_1423csI don’t know if this pistol was actually used in the military training or just a pistol made for the civilian market. I just know that I would really like one. So if anyone knows were one exists one for sale please let me know.

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