Thursday’s post Update on Japanese 99 magazines

This was going to be a library post but I felt that this was a little more up to date for the on going projects. We have finished the next phase of design of the Japanese  99 dies. If you might have forgotten we had a few problems with are original die design with it shearing the sheet steel as it went into the female die.

IMG_2017cThis being the old die design.


IMG_0542sSo then we re-design the die concept and made the next version of the die.


IMG_2161cThe problem that we dealt with at this point was the movement of the sheet metal and no way to align the stamping with the next pressing. This now brings us up to the current die design. This die is a spring loaded die that will pick up the sheet metal after it has been located with dowel pins an holds it between the two dies causing the sides to bend inward up until it reaches the base at which time it presses in the groves into the sides. Here are the solid model designs.

c003-full press assem3

c003-full press assem2

c003-full press assemWith this phase completed we will start machining the dies this week. Time will tell if this design works. As always your comments and opions are welcome.



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