The usual weekend update

Another weekend has come and gone. I just do not know where the time goes anymore. The weekend ends seem to take forever to get here and in a flash they are gone.

There were two main projects that I needed to complete this weekend. The first is re-work and finish up the router table. The second was to finish the siding and roof of the fab shop addition.

This post will deal with the router table.

I started out with the table looking like this.

dsc_3731sThere is only a miter track and a piece of scrap lumber for a fence. In addition there is no dust collector system on the router table.

Installing the dust collector parts.



dsc_3747sNow for the new fence.

scan0001-csWith the new Table fence and tee slot/miter slot added



dsc_3750sJust a quick video of everything.

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