The MG-09 light machinegun

In answering question concerning the post on the AR-10 belt fed light machine gun Ihave spent some time going through the ” The Armalite AR-10″ book. On page 314 of the book is a picture of a MG-09 light machine gun. The funny thing is that I had just seem that same weapon. It was on my back up hard drive and it was in a file of pictures of weapons that I had taken a while back. I had no idea what the weapon was, but that it just looked interesting so I snapped a few pictures of it.

This weapon bears a close resemblance to the T44 light machine gun designed by the United States after WW2.

These are the pictures I have of the MG-09. If you read the section in the book on page 313 and 314 it answers  a few questions on the weapon.

A right side view

IMG_0126sLeft side view

IMG_0128sA close up right side view of this weapon

IMG_0127sThe left side of the weapon with the side cover open

IMG_0129sA close up view of the feed system.

IMG_0130sThe feed cover assembly looks like a very simplified version of a cross between a MG-34 and MG-42 top cover. An interesting design that never got beyond a working non firing mock up. Mock ups like cut away guns are a great way to study small arms design.


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