The Ermawerke Carbine.

If you have had the opportunity to read collector grade publication the last ditch rifles are brought up in there. This guest post write up is about the Ermawerke carbine in 7.92×33 kurtz.

scan_page_1sRight and left side views of the rifle.


scan_page_5csClose up of the left side of the receiver.

scan_page_4csBottom view of the receiver showing the added safety.

scan_page_3csanother close up of the safety.

scan_page_6csMany thanks to John and Dave for sharing this rare rifle

2 comments to The Ermawerke Carbine.

  • Pete

    Interesting that they would be considering another rifle to shoot 7.92×33 ammo as it is often said they had MP44’s they would not field due to lack of ammo.
    I’ve often seen chatter about whether less than 30 rd. capacity mags were factory made or modified 30rd. Hard to tell from those pics any great detail of the mag.

  • Johno

    Being picky, but why do Yanks keep adding a ‘t’ to the German word ‘kurz’? You are not the only culprit to write ‘kurtz’, Venturino does it too!

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