The 1867-77 Peabody Rifle

On my trip through the mid-west I had an opportunity to look at a 1867-77 Peabody rifle. The movie will be completed so as well as the one at Forgotten Weapons. Here are some of the still pictures that I took of this beautiful rifle.

The side of the receiver.



DSC_1461csA series of pictures of the top of the action and block.





DSC_1466csA couple of close up pictures of the rear sight


DSC_1468csI kind of lust after this rifle and would love to have one. Then I get an e-mail from a friend in North Carolina showing me the pictures of his newly acquired Peabody rifle.

This is just such a nice looking rifle. Great lines.

Peabody-Side1A couple of close ups of his rifle.


Peabody-ManufacturerAnother top view.

Peabody-Receiver2Here are a few of the barrel. Just look at the over all condition.



Peabody-BarrelEven the muzzle is great. Like it came off the factory floor.

Peabody-Bore2The stock marking

Peabody-Side2aAnd the rear sight.

Peabody-SNI would really like to have one of these.

Just as a quick side not. If anyone knows where a block can be found for one of these rifles please let me know. The weapon is a rim fire rifle and my friend wants a spare bolt to convert it to a center fire rifle.

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