Shop Tuesday September 9

More design  work has been accomplish on the fluting press. Here are the latest updates on the project. This is the last major difficulty on the VG1-5 rifle. Most of the rest of the parts for the VG1-5 have been completed and have the fixtures for the bolt to upper receiver. I still have the control circuit and dro to design into the press, however the basic machine is finished.

flutting machine_f2

flutting machine_f1

flutting machine_f3

This machine was design to have a great deal of flexibility. The bottom base is design to move up or down as the need exists and the tool holder can be removed and a different type of tool installed. This should allow the press to cut in the flutes into a chamber or press out a stop  on a piece of sheet metal.

Once again if you have any comments or ideas I would like to read them.

5 comments to Shop Tuesday September 9

  • Mac

    Two things, first is the hole for the hydraulic line at the head(bottom)of the cylinder. There should be 2 ports on that end. One can be pointed out at 90deg from the other end. No need to weaken the gusset with the extra hole for the hyd line.
    Second is we still need to figure out a guild for the rod to prevent it from rotating as it comes down out of the cylinder. I have a couple of ideas to show you when I get there next week.

  • The design to prevent the shaft from rotating is in the works. As for the gusset there is only a single post on the lower head. Still need to design the control circuits.Ns5T

  • Pete F.

    So you are going to broach the flutes into the chamber?

  • John Petrie


    How close are you to finishing the VG1-5 project? When you get back on my project please remember to draw the front part of the bolt (the part that wears when the gun is fired) and the cams. Thanks.

    John Petrie

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